Forewarned is four armed: Classic Analog misteakes to avoid


• 2009 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 978-1-4244-3457-2/09/$25.00 ©2009 IEEE Bob Blauschild, Independent Design Consultant, Los Gatos, CA When I was young, it was always impressive when my father bragged about his academic achievement. “I have a degree from the College of Hard Knocks,” he’d say. Many years later I enrolled in a branch of that same institution when I started designing analog integrated circuits. Missing contacts and parasitics between merged devices were among the many reasons that schedules were based on getting it wrong the first time. Debugging was a critical skill. The advent of LVS and the use of standard device libraries changed the expectation for functional first silicon, but in some respects, the debugging has gotten harder. Analog circuit design would be easier if journal articles were expanded to include details about what the author got wrong along the way to his final result. This is unlikely to happen anytime soon, and companies should at least communicate internally to minimize the repetition of errors.

DOI: 10.1109/ISSCC.2009.4977541

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