Forest Dewey Dodrill: Heart Surgery Pioneer. Michigan Heart, Part II

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There have been at least two booksl.2 written about Dr. John Gibbon, Jr., who worked with IBM to develop a heart-lung machine and performed a successful operation with that machine about a year after Dodrill's first successful operation. Gibbon probably never performed another successful heart operation with his machine. There have been many articles and at least one book3 written about Dr. C. Walton Lillehei, a heart surgery pioneer at the University of Minnesota, who started performing open… 
Research on Cardiopulmonary Bypass in North America
John Gibbon of Philadelphia was the person with the longest commitment to the development of a heart–lung machine and stimulated rapid development of the knowledge base and equipment necessary for the accurate diagnosis and successful intracardiac operation worldwide.
John H. Gibbon, Jr., the Inventor of the First Successful Heart–Lung Machine
A look at the life of Dr. John H. Gibbon, Jr, an event that would dramatically change the field of cardiac surgery and the approach to the treatment of cardiac disease.
Die ersten Operationen an den Herzklappen mit Hilfe eines künstlichen Pumpsystems
The first operations on the mitral valve and the pulmonary valve were successfully performed with temporary mechanical circulatory support in 1952 by the Detroit surgeon Forest Dewey Dodrill.
History of Cardiac Surgery
After the development of general anesthetics such as ether and chloroform during the middle of the nineteenth century, investigators began to study techniques to repair heart wounds in the animal
Enabling out-of-body experiences for living organs
  • D. Ingber
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    The Journal of experimental medicine
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In a 1937 issue of JEM, Carrel described a technique for culturing whole living organs outside the body that led to a series of scientific, engineering, and medical breakthroughs that continue to this day.


Developments in cardiac surgery in Stockholm during the mid and late 1950s.
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Experience with the mechanical heart.
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It has been approximately three years since the mechanical heart project was started and the trouble that was encountered with clotting has been largely eliminated by giving the proper dosage of heparin and by coating the mechanical apparatus with silicone, which greatly tends to lessen the trouble of clotting.
Ventricular septal defects with pulmonary hypertension; surgical treatment by means of a mechanical pump-oxygenator.
It is believed that patients with significant symptoms from ventricular septal defects associated with left-to-right shunts should have the defects closed.
Experiences with the Blalock operation for tetralogy of Fallot.
Although pure pulmonary stenosis does occur, most children with this anomaly also have the associated defects of dextroposition of the aorta, interventricular septal defect and right ventricular enlargement, known as tetralogy of Fallot.
[Double aortic arch].
116 A 43-year-old male patient, who was undergoing study for heartburn, was referred for cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging due to an accidental finding in the esophagogram. This finding was a
Temporary mechanical substitute for the left ventricle in man.
By temporary substitution for the left ventricle, its complete bypass temporarily by all of the blood that normally passes through it is performed, and the systemic circulation is artificially maintained while the right heart and the lungs continue to perform their functions.
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H: Personal Communication
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Introduction of Caldwell Lecturer , 1967 ( John Kirklin )
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A dream of the heart
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