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Foreseeing India-China Relations: The 'Compromised Context' of Rapprochement

  title={Foreseeing India-China Relations: The 'Compromised Context' of Rapprochement},
  author={Jagannath Prasad Panda and Atmaja Gohain Baruah},
  journal={Asia Pacific Issues},
India-China relations witnessed a new wave of optimism for a progressive and engaging partnership following the Wuhan Summit, the informal 2018 meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping. Key to this has been continuous exchange of political and official visits from both sides. However, these exchanges might not be sufficient to remove uncertainty and suspicion from their relations. As long as China’s relationship with the United States remains adversarial, China will embrace India—without… Expand
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Will the Conflict between India and China Turn into Another War?
To the world, any country certain to cause pain is unacceptable. China’s military and economic aggression is disturbing the world peace. The country is said to be the root cause of trade war andExpand