Forensic nursing: what is taught in the bachelor’s degree in nursing in Portugal

  title={Forensic nursing: what is taught in the bachelor’s degree in nursing in Portugal},
  author={B{\'a}rbara Machado and Isabel Ara{\'u}jo and Maria do C{\'e}u Aguiar Barbieri de Figueiredo},
  journal={Revista de Enfermagem Refer{\^e}ncia},
Background: Forensic nursing (FN) emerges as a new area of nursing, combining scientific and technical knowledge, for the improvement of nursing care. Objectives: To analyze if the study plans for the bachelor’s degree in nursing include contents related to FN. Methodology: Qualitative study. Documentary analysis of the various programs of the curricular units of the bachelor’s degree in nursing, in Portugal. Eleven institutions were studied, and their programmatic contents were available… 
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