Forensic investigation of cloud computing systems

  title={Forensic investigation of cloud computing systems},
  author={Mark John Taylor and John Haggerty and David Gresty and David J. Lamb},
  journal={Netw. Secur.},
Cloud computing describes a computing concept where software services, and the resources they use, operate as (and on) a virtualised platform across many different host machines, connected by the Internet or an organisation's internal network. From a business or system user's point of view, the cloud provides, via virtualisation, a single platform or service collection in which it can operate. Cloud computing is a new concept in the distributed processing of data and is likely to make computer… Expand
Evidence and Cloud Computing: The Virtual Machine Introspection Approach
This paper describes digital forensics investigations at the hypervisor level of virtualized environments in greater detail and introduces the reader to the topic of evidence correlation within cloud computing infrastructures. Expand
A forensic acquisition and analysis system for IaaS
This model provides a different approach to a forensic acquisition and analysis system (FAAS) in an Infrastructure as a Service model, with no requirement for CSP involvement or modification to the CSP’s underlying architecture. Expand
Digital Forensic Methodology of IaaS Cloud Computing Service
This paper suggests analysis method of AWS(Amazon Web Service) and Rackspace which take most part in cloud computing service where IaaS formats presented for data acquisition in order to get an evidence. Expand
Digital forensics for infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing
We identify important issues in the application of digital forensics to Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing and develop new practical forensic tools and techniques to facilitate forensicExpand
A log aggregation forensic analysis framework for cloud computing environments
An analysis model based on aggregating available logs from clients and servers that could help identify and detail suspicious activity on cloud-based systems is proposed. Expand
Digital Forensic Investigation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
This paper focuses on virtual desktop infrastructure as private cloud computing and introduces the most widely used around the world desktop virtualization solutions of VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft and proposes digital forensic investigation methodology forprivate cloud computing that is constructed by these solutions. Expand
Novel Digital Forensic Framework for Cloud Computing Environment
This research designs a generic digital forensic framework for the cloud crime investigation by identifying the challenges and requirements of forensics in the virtualized environment of cloud computing, address the issues of dead/live forensic analysis within/outside the virtual machine that runs in a cloud environment, and to design a digital forensic triage using parallel processing framework. Expand
Using network data to improve digital investigation in cloud computing environments
A new method to analyse network traffic to find information about the usage of cloud specific data and with the possibility to automate this extraction and the comparison with a cloud service knowledge base, the error rate of a forensic investigation is reduced. Expand
A forensically-enabled IaaS cloud computing architecture
A forensic acquisition and analysis model that fundamentally shifts responsibility of the data back to the data owner rather than relying upon a third party is proposed, which aims to provide a richer and complete set of admissible evidence than what current CSPs are able to provide. Expand
Cloud forensics: A research perspective
  • S. Almulla, Y. Iraqi, A. Jones
  • Computer Science
  • 2013 9th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT)
  • 2013
The underpinning cloud computing elements which are required to provide forensics friendly cloud services are discussed and a set of questions are suggested that will aid in the process of cloud forensics analysis. Expand


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Next-generation digital forensics
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