Foreign policy.

  title={Foreign policy.},
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In March 2006, FPRI’s Asia Program held a conference on “Constitutional Change and Foreign Policy in East Asia.” Panels focused on Japan’s contemplated revisions to its “pacifist” constitution; China’s much-amended constitution, the increasing discourse there about constitutionalism, and its implications for China’s foreign policy; Taiwan’s controversial process of constitutional revision and its implications for the island republic’s international status and external relations; and the impact… Expand
Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World Order
This article argues that there is a close relationship between the structure of the international system/order and how states define their foreign policy interests and then act accordingly. The mainExpand
From International Institutionalism to Revolutionary Expansionism: The Foreign Policy Discourse of Contemporary Russia
The purpose of this essay review is to explore the foreign policy discourse in contemporary Russia. The argument is made that Russian foreign policy is still open to the influence of ideas across theExpand
Federalism and foreign relations: the nascent role of the Indian states
This paper focuses on an aspect of foreign policy that does not normally receive adequate attention in foreign policy studies, especially Asian foreign policy studies—the role of sub-national unitsExpand
Identifying parameters of foreign policy change: An eclectic approach
This paper examines foreign policy change, identifying structural parameters of domestic and international origins that bring about major foreign policy shifts. Domestic structural parametersExpand
Sukarno and Colonialism: An Analysis of Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Discourse, 1955-1961
For the most part, the literature about Indonesia’s foreign policy does not stray far from a descriptive and chronological presentation of the subject. The fact of the matter is that an in-depthExpand
Nigeria’s National Image and Her Foreign Policy: An Exploratory Approach
The task of this paper is to critically appraise the relationship between Nigeria’s national image and her foreign policy since independence. In doing this, it embarked on a historical and analyticalExpand
Regime Stability and Foreign Policy Change : Interaction between Domestic and Foreign Policy in Hungary 1956-1994
Domestic and foreign policy cannot always be kept apart. A change of Government at national level may impact on foreign policy, and foreign policy adventures sometimes translate into consequences atExpand
The Emergence of Foreign Policy
International relations scholarship typically treats foreign policy as a taken-for-granted analytical concept. It assumes either that all historical polities have foreign policies or that foreignExpand
Preferences and institutions: constraints on European Union foreign aid distribution
Abstract Despite its lack of a military, the European Union’s (EU’s) use of soft power is increasingly influential in world affairs. Understanding the politics behind setting the EU’s foreign aidExpand
Quiet Constitutionalism in Canada: The International Political Economy of Domestic Institutional Change
The idea that Canada is experiencing a "post-constitutional" era is misleading because it is based only on lack of changes to the formal codified constitution. Through an examination of internationalExpand