Foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract, surgical considerations.

  title={Foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract, surgical considerations.},
  author={M Bakaleinik},
  journal={Military medicine},
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Foreign bodies (FBs) of the pharynx are likely to stop at the palatine or lingual tonsils, the cricopharyngeal muscle, or the beginning of the esophagus; they may be removed with direct vision. FBs of the esophagus should be located by esophagram; endoscopy may be diagnostic and therapeutic; sharp objects may cause laceration and vascular injury. In the stomach, the FB may pass through the intestinal tract or stop at the pylorus or duodenum; if after 5-6 days there is no evidence of passage in… 
Foreign Bodies In The Sigmoid Colon
Two patients developed acute intestinal obstruction following insertion of foreign bodies as the device used to extract the plastic bottle from the sigmoid colon got itself stuck in its mucosa resulting in severe pain and obstruction thus necessitating surgery.
[Acute mechanical intestinal obstruction after ingestion of foreign bodies: a case report].
The patient was operated because of acute mechanical obstruction of the small intestine after three days of conservative follow-up and treatment modality alternatives in foreign body ingestion and the literature data are reviewed.
Removal of open safety pins from the stomach and duodenum of infants without enterotomy
If non-operative methods fail and/or endoscopic systems are not available for the removal of retained OSPs, the proposed technique, which avoids enterotomy and related complications, is recommended.
Extraordinary gastrointestinal foreign bodies required surgical treatment
It was concluded that the collective problems of the patients were usually military service distress and most of them did this kind of pathologic behavior to get rid of military service.
Colorectal Foreign Bodies -Report of Three Cases-
Three cases of colorectal foreign bodies are presented and the literature is reviewed. Case 1: A 47-year-old man, who had inserted a seasoning bottle in his rectum on January 3, was admitted to
Removal of a dinner fork from the stomach by double-snare endoscopic extraction.
A case in which an ingested metal dinner fork was removed from the stomach by using a double wire-loop snare technique that uses two snares to hold the object and allows the endoscopist to change the presentation, orient the axis, and maintain traction to allow the safe removal of long and pointed objects.
Long-Standing Retained Foreign Body in the Rectum
The variety of objects removed from the rectum almost defies imagination and the variety of rectal foreign bodies matches the ingenuity displayed for their removal.
Non-specific abdominal pain, an inconclusive CT scan and an unusual and puzzling finding at exploratory laparotomy
The patient was unable to explain the presence of wood within his gastrointestinal tract and one hypothesis was that he may have ingested this material during a period of acute confusion following an elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair 8 years previously.
Nail mine in stomach.
A case of young adult man with known psychiatric disorder, having 2562 nails in his stomach leading to gastric outlet obstruction, and Gastrotomy was employed to relieve the stomach of this mine of nails.
Bamboo skewer perforation of the bowel: computed tomography appearances.
A 25-year-old Chinese woman presented with a painful left-lower-quadrant abdominal mass. Computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a dense forked foreign body within an extraluminal mass. A 2.5 cm bamboo