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Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases

  title={Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases},
  author={Steve Smith and A. Hadfield and T. Dunne},
This ground breaking text provides the ideal introduction to the ever-changing field of foreign policy. With a unique combination of theories, actors and cases in a single volume, the expert contributors provide students with a valuable and accessible introduction to what foreign policy is and how it is conducted. With an emphasis throughout on grounding theory in empirical examples, the textbook features a section dedicated to relevant and topical case studies where foreign policy analysis… Expand
Identifying parameters of foreign policy change: An eclectic approach
This paper examines foreign policy change, identifying structural parameters of domestic and international origins that bring about major foreign policy shifts. Domestic structural parametersExpand
Foreign Policy: Pinpointing Principles and Themes
This chapter identifies four prominent themes characterising South Africa’s foreign policy between 1994 and 2014 based on official policy statements, discussion documents, strategic plans, reports,Expand
Structure, Frameworks, Processes, Institutions, and Actors of BiH Foreign Policy Since Independence
The book’s introduction draws out the basic contours and scope of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) foreign policy in various contexts. It highlights the basic structures, frameworks, processes,Expand
Foreign policy and globalization theory: The case of Israel
Since the early 1990s, international relations has witnessed a stimulating debate on globalization. This debate laid the foundations for globalization theory (GT), providing the tools for anExpand
Do leaders still decide? The role of leadership in Russian foreign policymaking
This article looks at Russian foreign policy from the perspective of the individuals responsible for decision making. The focus on the individual level of analysis aims to shed light on the evolvingExpand
Re-evaluating the greek foreign policy system in a transforming world politics
The present thesis evaluates the responses of the contemporary Greek foreign policy structures and processes, conceptualised as the Greek foreign policy system, in the face of the transformation ofExpand
Gendering Foreign Policy: A Comparative Framework for Analysis
This article seeks to explain the rise of pro-gender norms and feminist strategies in foreign policy, which are increasingly salient in global politics. How can this trend be theorized? In what waysExpand
Is Foreign Policy a Rational Process Devoid of Politics?
In this paper, I will argue that foreign policy-making and implementation is not just a rational scientific process devoid of politics. In fact, I argue that it is a process that is more political,Expand
The internal and external constraints on foreign policy in India: exploring culture and ethnic sensitivities
Abstract The main argument of this contribution is that the distinction between internal and external is at best blurred and in reality does not make much sense in the case of India’s foreign policy.Expand
Missing in Analysis: Women in Foreign Policy–Making
Foreign policy analysis (FPA) opens the “black box” of the state and provides explanations of how and why foreign policy decisions are made, which puts individuals and groups (from committees toExpand