Foreign Body in the Orbital Floor: A Case Report

  title={Foreign Body in the Orbital Floor: A Case Report},
  author={G B Ananth Kumar and Vikas Dhupar and Francis Akkara and S Praveen Kumar},
  journal={Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery},
An 11 year old girl reported to the department with the complaint of redness and pus discharge from her left eye. History revealed that the patient had a fall from bicycle and injured her left eye one month earlier. CT scan reported an ill defined radiolucency present in the floor of the orbit. On surgical exploration we retrieved a wooden piece along with its disintegrated particles from the orbital floor. The need for clinical suspicion, proper history, diagnostic modalities and management of… 

A challenging case of an intraorbital foreign body in a child: A case report

Delayed diagnosis of an intraorbital wooden foreign body

ABSTRACT A 35-year-old male patient was presented with pain on his right upper eyelid. A piece of wood injured his orbital and supraorbital regions while working at a furniture factory 10 days prior

Diagnosis and Management of Wooden Foreign Bodies in the Orbit: A Case Report

The diagnosis and management of intraorbital foreign bodies are challenging for surgeons and magnetic resonance imaging findings showed only evidence of cellulitis with abscess formation in a 50-year-old man presented to the emergency room with a laceration.

Neglected preseptal wooden foreign body: A rare presentation

In this case, a patient who presented with non healing persistent discharging sinus from left eye lateral part of the upper lid just above the eye lid margin following trivial trauma 6 months back was diagnosed with retained wooden intraorbital foreign body.

Orbit The International Journal on Orbital Disorders , Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgery

A 35-year-old male patient was presented with pain on his right upper eyelid. A piece of wood injured his orbital and supraorbital regions while working at a furniture factory 10 days prior to our

Unrecognized intraorbital wooden foreign body

A 56-year-old man presented with a 3-cm laceration in the right upper eyelid, sustained by a slipping accident, which caused irreversible damage to the superior rectus muscle with upgaze diplopia persisting 1 year after surgery and only minimal muscle function remaining.

Surgical Extraction of Traumatic Lodgment of a Pen Nib Between the Eye and Nasal Bridge of an Infant: A Case Report

Parents and health care providers should assess a crying child with a trauma history carefully even with no apparent clinical findings, as efforts must be done to correlate clinical findings with proper history and other needed investigations.

An Eye Capturing Clutch – An Orbital Foreign Body

A 29-year-old male presented with a motorcycle handle embedded in his left orbit, with the vision unaffected, and a single large round-tipped foreign body in orbit composed of both metal and plastic, which was relatively harmless despite its large size was removed.

Missed Intra-Orbital Wooden Foreign Body

This case report will describe a missed wooden foreign body that, after a long quiescent period, presented as an intra-orbital mass.

Intraorbital wooden foreign body detected by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

A 40 years old male complaining of pain in the right orbit referred to a hospital for evaluation of eyeball pain and double vision with an unclear clinical history is reported on.



Peri-orbital foreign body: a case report

The original aspects of this case are the singularity of the foreign body and its relative harmlessness in spite of its large size.

Recurrent sinus of the cheek due to a retained foreign body: report of an unusual case

A case of recurrent sinus of the cheek caused by an occult wooden splinter is reported and its diagnosis and clinical management are discussed.


It is frequently difficult to identify and localize organic intraorbital foreign bodies despite modern day high-resolution imaging studies.

Intraorbital foreign body: clinical presentation, radiological appearance and management.

A retrospective, interventional case report reviews the clinical features, radiological appearance and surgical management of two patients who presented at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Oman with intraorbital foreign bodies, one of which ultimately lost all visual function in the affected eye.

Intraorbital foreign bodies--5 own cases and review of literature.

Multiple Orbital Dermoid Cysts Located within the Superior Oblique Muscle

The findings in this patient demonstrate an unusual presentation for dermoid cysts; such pathologies could be included in the differential diagnosis of an enlarged extraocular muscle (EOM).

Impacted foreign bodies in orbital region: review of nine cases.

Foreign body injuries in the orbital region can be treated with a combination of clinical suspicion, basic knowledge and diagnostic tests and depend on the skill and experience of the surgeon, thereby decreasing the surgical risk of iatrogenic injury in relation to the inherent risk of retaining an organic intraorbital foreign body.

Intraorbital wooden foreign body: CT and MR appearance.

Its higher attenuation with higher CT window setting as well as its elongated and well-delineated shape on both CT and MR helped to distinguish it from air.

A case of retained wooden foreign body in orbit.

A 41-year-old man visited the authors' clinic complaining of esodeviation of the right eye, which was reported as orbital abscess and cellulitis, and a new CT scan disclosed a foreign body introduced into the right medial orbital wall, nasal cavity and ethmoidal sinus.