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Forecasts with Bayesian vector autoregressions under real time conditions

  title={Forecasts with Bayesian vector autoregressions under real time conditions},
  author={Michael Pfarrhofer},
  journal={arXiv: Econometrics},
This paper investigates the sensitivity of forecast performance measures to taking a real time versus pseudo out-of-sample perspective. We use monthly vintages for the United States (US) and the Euro Area (EA) and estimate a set of vector autoregressive (VAR) models of different sizes with constant and time-varying parameters (TVPs) and stochastic volatility (SV). Our results suggest differences in the relative ordering of model performance for point and density forecasts depending on whether… 

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Time-varying parameter (TVP) models often assume that the TVPs evolve according to a random walk. This assumption, however, might be questionable since it implies that coefficients change smoothly



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Central banks and other forecasters are increasingly interested in various aspects of density forecasts. However, recent sharp changes in macroeconomic volatility, including the Great Moderation and

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We show that Howrey’s method for producing economic forecasts when data are subject to revision is easily generalized to handle the case where data are produced by a sophisticated statistical agency.

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To overcome computational constraints with likelihood-based estimation of large systems, Kalman filter estimation with forgetting factors is relied on and ideas from the dynamic model averaging literature are drawn and the TVP-VAR is extended so that its dimension can change over time.

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Small or medium-scale VARs are commonly used in applied macroeconomics for forecasting and evaluating the shock transmission mechanism. This requires the VAR parameters to be stable over the

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