Forecasting Manpower Requirements for a New


    Shortages in Navy fleet manning have been attributed in part to lack of information concerning manpower requirements during the acquisition of higher technology weapon systems. Manpower shortages in critical skill areas and increased training costs due to shorter lead times have also resulted. To avoid these pitfalls in the future, the Navy has embarked in a program to identify and evaluate the technological and operational factors of a new weapon system during the conceptual and developmental stages to determine their impact on manpower requirements. This paper presents a methodology for forecasting the effects of technology operating tempo, and performance capability on the maintenance-manpower requirements of new aircraft systems. Application of the methodology to the new F-18 fighter aircraft is addressed. The authors wish to acknowledge and express gratitude to Manfred Smith of the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center and James Ciccotti of the American Power Jet Company who assisted in the preparation of portions of this paper.

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