Forearm 3-methylhistidine efflux in myotonic dystrophy.

  title={Forearm 3-methylhistidine efflux in myotonic dystrophy.},
  author={Ziad Rifai and W J Kingston and B McCraith and Richard T. Moxley},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={34 5},
Myotonic dystrophy is associated with progressive muscular atrophy. To define the mechanism of muscle wasting in this disease, we studied myofibrillar proteolysis in vivo in 8 men moderately affected with myotonic dystrophy, and compared the results with those of 10 normal men. Myofibrillar proteolysis was estimated by measuring the 3-methylhistidine arteriovenous difference (A-V) and efflux (Q) across the forearm in the postabsorptive state. Plasma 3-methylhistidine concentrations were… CONTINUE READING