Forced Migration and the Failure of Governance

  title={Forced Migration and the Failure of Governance},
  author={Sabella Ogbobode Abidde},



State failure and growing insecurity in the Nigerian oil industry : Nigeria

In spite of the robust stock of literature on the problem of state failure in Nigeria and Africa, there are scarcely any rigorous studies that link state failure to the growing security menace in the

Migration in Irish History 1607-2007

Foreword List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgements PART I: PUTTING MIGRATION INTO IRISH HISTORY Migration and Irish Migration Studies A Three-Stage Process: Leaving, Crossing, Arriving A

Democracy and Its Critics

Part 1 The sources of modern democracy: the first transformation - to the democratic city-state toward the second transformation - republicanism, representation, and the logic of equality. Part 2

Interests, Institutions, and Information: Domestic Politics and International Relations

Presents a theory of domestic politics, showing how it affects international outcomes. In developing this rational choice theory, the text argues that any explanation that treats states as unitary

Democracy And Development In Africa

  • C. Ake
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 1996
Despite three decades of preoccupation with development in Africa, the economies of most African nations are still stagnating or regressing. For most Africans, incomes are lower than they were two

The Age of Migration

Preface to the 3rd Edition - Introduction - The Migratory Process and the Formation of Ethnic Minorities - International Migration Before 1945 - Migration to Highly Developed Countries since 1945 -