Force-driven separation of short double-stranded DNA.

  title={Force-driven separation of short double-stranded DNA.},
  author={Dominik Ho and Julia L Zimmermann and Florian A. Dehmelt and Uta Steinbach and Matthias Erdmann and Philip Severin and Katja Falter and Hermann Eduard Gaub},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={97 12},
Short double-stranded DNA is used in a variety of nanotechnological applications, and for many of them, it is important to know for which forces and which force loading rates the DNA duplex remains stable. In this work, we develop a theoretical model that describes the force-dependent dissociation rate for DNA duplexes tens of basepairs long under tension along their axes ("shear geometry"). Explicitly, we set up a three-state equilibrium model and apply the canonical transition state theory to… CONTINUE READING