Force-deformation properties of the human heel pad during barefoot walking.

  title={Force-deformation properties of the human heel pad during barefoot walking.},
  author={Scott Cameron Wearing and Sue L. Hooper and Philip J. Dubois and James Smeathers and Albrecht Dietze},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={46 8},
INTRODUCTION The plantar heel pad is a specialized fibroadipose tissue that attenuates and, in part, dissipates the impact energy associated with heel strike. Although a near-maximal deformation of the heel pad has been shown during running, an in vivo measurement of the deformation and structural properties of the heel pad during walking remains largely unexplored. This study used a fluoroscope, synchronized with a pressure platform, to obtain force-deformation data for the heel pad during… CONTINUE READING