Force and Form: The Shaker Intuition of Simplicity

  title={Force and Form: The Shaker Intuition of Simplicity},
  author={John M. Anderson},
  journal={The Journal of Religion},
  pages={256 - 260}
people going into a new country and settling in the wilderness, where the first object is to cut and clear the land and burn the rubbish before the ground can be suitably prepared for cultivation. In this operation, the axe and the fire are used with no sparing hand; and the falling trees and the crackling of burning brush and useless rubbish occasion much noise and bustle and great confusion, especially among the wild beasts and noxious vermin that infest the land. These are now obliged to… 
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Hegel’s Geist — Immodestly Metaphysical!

In “The Extended Mind Rehabilitates the Metaphysical Hegel,” J. M. Fritzman and Kristin Parvizian demonstrate that the thesis of the extended mind provides the resources to articulate and defend the