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For Much of the past Decade, Demystifying the Digital Divide

  title={For Much of the past Decade, Demystifying the Digital Divide},
  author={Mark Warschauer},
policy leaders and social scientists have grown increasingly concerned about a societal split between those with and those without access to computers and the Internet. The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration popularized a term for this situation in the mid-1990s: the “digital divide.” The phrase soon became used in an international context as well, to describe the status of information technology from country to country. Demystifying the Digital Divide 


Who's Wired and Who's Not
Who’s Wired and Who’s Not Excerpts from Forthcoming Article (including tables omitted from published version) Henry Jay Becker University of California, Irvine Revised For Web, March, 2000 PaperExpand