Foods Used as Ethno-medicine in Jammu

  title={Foods Used as Ethno-medicine in Jammu},
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Abstract Research on food used as ethno medicine has drawn comparatively lesser attention as a research field in J&K in comparison to the other States. Plant foods have been of great help to mankind in relieving many diseases from earliest times. In recent years scientists have found that some foods frequently over looked, even some once considered bad for us - actually may help prevent everything from cancer to heart problems. The present study was conducted to study the various foods used as… 
A Comprehensive Review on Rasam: A South Indian Traditional Functional Food
This review is an attempt to compile the literatures on rasam, its ingredients, and to highlight its medicinal potential that has been underestimated.
Medical Plant Of Ferula Assa-Foetida And Its Cultivating, Main Characteristics And Economical Importance In South Khorasan Province - East Of Iran
Results of his research in major problems, approaches and aspects of cultivation, exploiting, economics, marketing and etc. of Ferula assa-foetida L. (Apiaceae) in south-khorasan province in east-of-Iran as a major producer and exporter of this valuable medicinal plant are state.
Effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek/ Methi) on Hemoglobin Levels in Females of Child Bearing Age
This clinical trial proved that, the fenugreek seeds rich in proteins with essential amino acids, Iron, Ascorbate and Folate content, have restorative and nutritive properties and has good beneficial effects to raise blood hemoglobin by easy means.
Effect of the addition of pumpkin powder on the physicochemical qualities and rheological properties of wheat flour
Recently, the pumpkin seeds and the partially defatted pumpkin seed, a by-product of pumpkin seeds oil processing, become more and more interesting for bakery sector, because of its nutritional
Recent trends in agro-technology, post-harvest management and molecular characterisation of pomegranate
Most of the recent advancements in botanical, ethno-medicinal uses, agro-technological advancements, post-harvest management and molecular characterisation of pomegranate are summarized.
Evaluation of acute toxicity and in-vitro anti-spasmodic activity of Caspa drops, an ayurvedic formulation
From the data, it can be assumed that Caspa drops have anti-spasmodic activity through inhibition of muscarinic effect or calcium channel and also it did not manifest any signs of toxicity.
Morphological, phylogenetic and pathogenicity characterisation of Fusariumspecies associated with wilt disease of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo Linnaeus)
This study underlines the morphological, phylogeny and pathogenicity characteristics of Fusarium for a better disease-control strategy and provides valuable information and methods to manage wilt infected pumpkin in the future.
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Modeling of Reactive Red 250 Dyestuff Sorption to Cucurbita moschata Rind in a Fixed-Bed Column
There are two main objectives of this study: the first was to examine the performance of Cucurbita moschata as sorptive media for the removal of Reactive Red 250 dye compound as a function of conta...


Economic Botany:
IN this work, the author, who is research assistant in economic botany at Harvard University, deals in an interesting manner with the more important useful plants and plant products of the world from
Cultural issues in serving minority populations: emphasis on Mexican Americans and African Americans.
Cultural views of health and illness, folk beliefs and customs, cultural barriers to care, and alternative health-care systems are discussed, with particular emphasis on Mexican Americans and African Americans, including curanderismo, rootwork, and voodoo.
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