Foodborne salmonellosis.

  title={Foodborne salmonellosis.},
  author={Thomas M. Gomez and Yasmine Motarjemi and Shinichi Miyagawa and F. K. K{\"a}ferstein and Klaus St{\"o}hr},
  journal={World health statistics quarterly. Rapport trimestriel de statistiques sanitaires mondiales},
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Foodborne diseases caused by non-typhoid Salmonella are a very important public health problem and an economic burden in many parts of the world. Salmonellosis data from the WHO Global Databank on Foodborne Disease, from the literature and from the WHO Surveillance Programme in Europe were reviewed for the years 1985-1995, showing an apparent increase in the incidence of salmonellosis in many parts of the world. In industrialized countries, this increase may be due to the emergence and increase… CONTINUE READING