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Food security and food sovereignty

  title={Food security and food sovereignty},
  author={Richard A. Lee},
This discussion paper explores conceptualisations of food security produced by the World Trade Organisation and the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations and examines a responsive policy framework food sovereignty – championed by the farming and peasant movement Via Campesina. Conflict over the use and appropriation of plant genetic resources is examined to highlight tensions between food security and food sovereignty. The paper argues that the concepts of food security and… Expand
Food Security versus Food Sovereignty: Choice of Concept, Policies, and Classes in Vietnam's Post-Reform Economy
This article discusses two important concepts of food security and food sovereignty in the context of Vietnam’s post-reform economy. It examines Vietnam’s persistent choice of the food securityExpand
Food security framings within the UK and the integration of local food systems
Abstract This paper provides a critical interpretation of food security politics in the UK. It applies the notion of food security collective action frames to assess how specific action frames areExpand
Self-Sufficiency versus Security: How Trade Protectionism Challenges the Sustainability of the Food Supply in Russia
Food security is increasingly influenced by multilateral trade systems and foreign trade policies implemented by national governments. Many of them are now concerned about the sustainability of foodExpand
Ensuring Food Security Through WTO Rules: Should the ‘Policy Space’ Be Expanded?
With the developing world’s increasing participation in the global trading system, food security has emerged as a mainstream issue and a potential deal-breaker in trade negotiations, as perceived inExpand
Transforming Food Systems Through Food Sovereignty: An Australian Urban Context
Abstract This article draws on La Via Campesina's definition of food sovereignty and its potential for reconceptualising food as a basic human right within the dominant Australian food discourse. WeExpand
Gender Dimensions of Food Security, the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty in Nepal
The right to food is the right to life. Ensuring food security for all the citizens and their food sovereignty is the responsibility of the State. Currently, the need for food security, especiallyExpand
Viet Nam’s Food Security: A Castle of Cards in the Winds of Climate Change
Since the 1980s, Viet Nam has achieved rapid economic growth and greatly increased food production and security. These results are based, however, on a model of industrial agriculture that hasExpand
Food Sovereignty in the Era of Land Grabbing: An African Perspective
Food is a basic human right. One of the humanity’s significant achievements has been to produce adequate food for the largest growing population. However, the co-existence of chronic hunger andExpand
Impacts of COVID-19 on Trade and Economic Aspects of Food Security: Evidence from 45 Developing Countries
The authors find the food insecurity effects of COVID-19 to be more perceptible in upper-middle-income economies than in the least developed countries, and establish a methodology framework that may equip decision-makers with up-to-date estimations of health crisis effects on economic parameters of food availability and access to staples in food-insecure communities. Expand
Food safety and the political economy of food governance: the case of shrimp farming in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam
This contribution is a critique of the public and private governance models in response to the food safety crisis in Vietnam. Using shrimp farming in Nam Dinh province as a case study, the paperExpand


Global Development and The Corporate Food Regime
The corporate food regime is presented here as a vector of the project of global development. As such, it expresses not only the social and ecological contradictions of capitalism, but also theExpand
The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses
PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. Making Sense of Earth's Politics: A Discourse Approach PART II: GLOBAL LIMITS AND THEIR DENIAL 2. Looming Tragedy: Survivalism 3. Growth Forever: The Promethean Response PARTExpand
Worlds of Food: Place, Power and Provenance in the Food Chain
exemplary in this regard. They do what many professional historians have been doing for years: communicate research effectively to general readers without in any way dumbing down their content.Expand
Integrating the urban-agricultural edge : an exploration of new ruralism in south Delta
Urbanization is eating our foodshed. While policy-level attempts to address agricultural land conversion focus primarily on the preservation of agricultural land and urban containment, few solutionsExpand
On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
AbstractThe same rule which regulates the relative value of commodities in one country does not regulate the relative value of the commodities exchanged between two or more countries.Under a systemExpand
World food trends: a neo-Malthusian prospect?
  • T. Dyson
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
  • 2001
Malthus's purpose in writing the First Essay was to argue against various visions of the perfectibility of society-in particular those of William Godwin and the Marquis de Condorcet. Expand
The edible landscape : An urban farming renaissance ?
  • The Canadian Organic Grower
  • 2007
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IPC Focal Points
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The Doha is Dead! Time for Food Sovereignty, La Via Campesina Statement 29 th
  • The Doha is Dead! Time for Food Sovereignty, La Via Campesina Statement 29 th
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