Food cravings in a college population

  title={Food cravings in a college population},
  author={Harvey P. Weingarten and Dawn Elston},

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Impact of Definition on Prevalence of Food Cravings in a Random Sample of Young Women
Features of intensity or "core features" were those that related to strength of craving and were difficulty resisting eating, feeling anxious when the craved food was unavailable and a change in speed of consumption that should be taken into consideration in studies on food cravings.
Dieting and food craving. A descriptive, quasi-prospective study
The psychology of food craving*
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The popularised account of cravings as elicited by specific nutritional need is having to give way to a more subtle and complex appreciation of human eating behaviour.
Gender differences in the relation between food cravings and mood in an adult community: Results from the fleurbaix laventie ville santé study.
This study shows that food craving episodes are strongly associated with mood but in a different way in women and men.
Food Liking and Craving: A Cross-cultural Approach
Spanish and American participants rated how much they liked three common sweets and three common beverages listed on a questionnaire and named the food or drink for which they had the strongest craving, arguing for a possible physiological basis for the gender differences in sweet/savory craving but against a physiological based for chocolate craving.
A review of food craving measures.


Food cravings, mood, and the menstrual cycle
Chocolate craving and liking
Dietary cravings and aversions during pregnancy.
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The main increase was in milk consumption, primarily attributed to concern for the infant, but many mothers cited only a craving for the beverage, and foods for which aversions outnumbered cravings were meats, poultry, and sauces flavored with oregano.
Food Cravings, Depression, and Premenstrual Problems
It would be useful to seek a common physiological basis for food cravings, depression, and fluid retention in women, according to a group of 300 nurses canvassed by questionnaire concerningfood cravings and menstrual periods.
Cravings and aversions during pregnancy.
Eating Patterns Described by a Group of Treatment Seeking Overweight Women and Normal Weight Women
The reported eating patterns do not indicate whether they are a cause or a consequence of the overweight, however, it might be worthwile to research these patterns to identify critical eating habits that could be subjected to treatment.
Hunger/craving responses and reactivity to food stimuli during fasting and dieting.
The results suggest that the frequency of hunger/craving responses and reactivity to food stimuli show parallel decreases during fasting, but no changes during dieting.
Sweets, Chocolate, and Atypical Depressive Traits
Those who reported “self-medicating” with sweets or chocolate were more likely to have personality traits associated with hysteroid dysphoria, an atypical depressive syndrome and the tendency to eat compulsively, in general, and appetite for sweets and chocolate were significantly greater among women.
Carbohydrate cravings: a disorder of food intake and mood.
Therapies that mimic the effect of carbohydrate intake on the synthesis and release of this neurotransmitter may be useful in treating obesity arising from these causes.