Food-borne parasitic zoonoses in China: perspective for control.

  title={Food-borne parasitic zoonoses in China: perspective for control.},
  author={Kejian Deng and Ning Chen and Ren-li Zhang and R. Q. Lin and Xing-quan Zhu},
  journal={Trends in parasitology},
  volume={24 4},
Food-borne parasitic zoonoses (FBPZs) cause death and serious diseases in humans and animals worldwide, and are of both public health significance and socioeconomic importance. The FBPZ problem is severe in mainland China, where approximately 150 million people are suffering from FBPZs and more people are at risk. Here, the current status of the FBPZ problem in mainland China is reviewed and strategies and measures for effective control of FBPZs are proposed. Major parasitic zoonoses… CONTINUE READING

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