Food Use and Nutrient Adequacy in Baffin Inuit Children and Adolescents.

  title={Food Use and Nutrient Adequacy in Baffin Inuit Children and Adolescents.},
  author={Peter R. Berti and Sue E. Hamilton and Olivier Receveur and Harriet V Kuhnlein},
  journal={Canadian journal of dietetic practice and research : a publication of Dietitians of Canada = Revue canadienne de la pratique et de la recherche en dietetique : une publication des Dietetistes du Canada},
  volume={60 2},
In evaluating adequacy of nutrient intake and relative contribution of locally harvested food (i.e., "traditional" food) and imported market food for 164 Baffin Inuit children and adolescents, 604 24-hour recalls were obtained over a one-year period (1987 to 1988). Market food contributed an average of 84% of dietary energy and traditional food, 16%. Total and saturated fat intakes corresponded closely to current recommendations, while sucrose intakes were higher than recommended. Most age and… CONTINUE READING
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