Food Transfers Among Hiwi Foragers of Venezuela: Tests of Reciprocity

  title={Food Transfers Among Hiwi Foragers of Venezuela: Tests of Reciprocity},
  author={M. Gurven and K. Hill and Hillard Kaplan and A. Hurtado and R. Lyles},
  journal={Human Ecology},
  • M. Gurven, K. Hill, +2 authors R. Lyles
  • Published 2000
  • Economics
  • Human Ecology
  • Although food sharing has been observed in many traditional societies, we still do not have a deep understanding of how various ecological conditions produce variation in who gives and who receives specific resources. To understand better the behavioral ecology of food sharing, we present data collected with the Hiwi of Venezuela and focus on two questions: (a) How do characteristics of food resources and acquirers determine how much is transfered to others? (b) How do characteristics of… CONTINUE READING
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