Food Tourism as a Viable Market Segment: It's All How You Cook the Numbers!

  title={Food Tourism as a Viable Market Segment: It's All How You Cook the Numbers!},
  author={B. Mckercher and Fevzi Okumus and Bendegul Okumus},
  journal={Journal of Travel \& Tourism Marketing},
  pages={137 - 148}
This study examines whether food is a special interest or mainstream tourism product. Much of the research on special interest tourism examines the activity in isolation of the broader suite of products available in the destination mix. Such a myopic approach may produce impressive looking numbers, but may not define viable market segments. Instead, based on their research findings, the authors argue that a more holistic approach is required to examine food tourism within the context of other… 

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This article illustrates that both suppositions are unfounded, resulting in the production of figures that overstate the true importance of SI tourism as a trip generator by as much as 20 times, and calls for the discontinuation of the method.

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