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Food Science, Safety and processing Technology on Current Trends

  title={Food Science, Safety and processing Technology on Current Trends},
  author={Kandhi Mounika and K. A. Rohith and J. Bhargav and D Manohara},
This assessment commodity aims to highlight the use of the Word Association address (WA) as an aliment assurance tool. The appliance of this cerebral address appears two absorbing results: a) The accent of the connected accord and advance of professionals in the aliment breadth if the accountable is aliment security. b) The actual associations with the stimuli active that were fabricated by anniversary accumulation studied. The appliance of the address as well as for the analysis of changes… 



Application of the Word Association Cognitive Technique in the Evaluation of Food Safety Perception

The application of the Word Association technique revealed the importance of the constant participation and improvement of professionals in the food area when the subject is food security and the immediate associations with the stimuli employed that were made by each group studied.

Attitudes of Foodservice Users in Relation to Soybean and its Derivativesin Brazil

It was concluded that Foodservice users from the steel industry are unaware of critical facts that determine the purchase of soybean and its derivatives.

Accessories of Food Handlers and Restaurant Staff as a Source for Food Contamination

It is shown the importance of maintaining hygienic dress code in those professional practices that involve any kind of food contact in a culinary environment by demonstrating the bacterial load of some accessories as sources of cross-contamination for foods.

Oleuropein using as an Additive for Feed and Products used for Humans

The effects of the olive tree, accepted as an elixir of health and especially its product Oleuropein on human health and as an additive for animal feeds, are studied.

Flax Seed: A Potential Medicinal Food

This review highlights the potential of ‘flax seed’ as a ‘neutraceutical’ and its role as a protective and therapeutic medicinal food.

European food scares and their impact on EU food policy

Purpose – This paper aims to chart the wide range of food scares reported throughout the EU over the period 1986‐2006 and explores their impact on EU policy.Design/methodology/approach – There is

Studies on Development of Tomato Leather Prepared for GeriatricNutrition

Food Enrichment and Fortification are the most cost effective and sustainable strategy to address the problem of micronutrient. The study was conducted to standardize the protocol for preparation of

Microbiological Connection to Our Food, Nutrition, Health, and Disease

With ever-increasing population, governments across the globe keep feeling the pressure of ensuring availability of food to their masses, particularly in the developing and under-developed world.