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Food Safety and Hygiene Practices among Food Vendorsin Tertiary Hospitals Inplateau State Nigeria

  title={Food Safety and Hygiene Practices among Food Vendorsin Tertiary Hospitals Inplateau State Nigeria},
  author={T. Afolaranmi and Zuwaira Ibrahim Hassan and Zaman Misari and Edemeka E Dan and Okonkwo CJudith and Nduonofit N Kubiat and Amina Mohammed and Tyavyar J. Akosu},
Background:Food safety and hygiene are essential in promoting and preserving the health of the consumers, given that food borne diseases are significant contributors to morbidity and mortality globally.Unhygienic food has been implicated in the outbreak of several food related illnesses with factors such as poor food handling practices of food vendors as the major culprit. Hence, this study was conducted to assess the level of food safety and hygiene practices and its determinants among food… Expand

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