Fontan circulation: success or failure?

  title={Fontan circulation: success or failure?},
  author={Blandine Mond{\'e}sert and François Marcotte and François-Pierre Mongeon and Annie Dore and L Mercier and R{\'e}da Ibrahim and Anita W. Asgar and J. Mir{\'o} and Nancy C. Poirier and Paul Khairy},
  journal={The Canadian journal of cardiology},
  volume={29 7},
Fontan surgery represents a milestone in the evolution of congenital heart disease management. It achieved the seemingly improbable (ie, restoration of a noncyanotic state by entirely bypassing the subpulmonary ventricle). In so doing, it has allowed a generation of children who may have otherwise succumbed to their severe congenital heart defect to survive to adulthood. Perfect univentricular physiology is, however, an elusive goal. The Fontan circulation inherently represents a hemodynamic… CONTINUE READING


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