Following the heart: temperature and salinity effects on heart rate in native and invasive species of blue mussels (genus Mytilus).

  title={Following the heart: temperature and salinity effects on heart rate in native and invasive species of blue mussels (genus Mytilus).},
  author={Caren E Braby and George N Somero},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={209 Pt 13},
The three species of blue mussels, Mytilus trossulus Gould 1850, M. edulis Linnaeus 1758 and M. galloprovincialis Lamarck 1819, have distinct global distribution patterns that are hypothesized to reflect differences in their tolerances of temperature and salinity. We examined effects on heart rate (beats min(-1)) of acute exposure and acclimation to different combinations of temperature and salinity to test this hypothesis and, in the context of the invasive success of M. galloprovincialis, to… CONTINUE READING

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