Following White ' s journey to ND

  • Published 2014


Now entrenched at Notre Dame for more than seven years, Kevin W hite’s career once seem ed far less stable. He w as a s ta r am ong young athletic directors, both an imagec h a n g e r an d a fu n d ra is e r , sought by schools looking for a fresh face with a track record of success. By his m id-40s. White was exactly w hat colleges w ant­ ed, and at no time was that more evident than in the sum m er of 1997. Just a year into his tenure at A rizona State, Division 1-A uni­ versities w ere once again calling to see if White would be interest­ ed in leaving the ever-improving school. But W hite’s answ er was always the same, even if univer­ sity presidents tried their hardest to make it change. In h is f i r s t y e a r a t A rizo n a S ta te , th e Sun Devils foo tball te am w en t 11-1 , fa lling th re e points short of a national champi­ onship with a 20-17 loss to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. Donations w ent through the roof. T h a t led to m any w o u ld -b e suitors, som ething W hite never denied. In the search for success a n d se lf-su ff ic ie n c y — an d a clean, sp irited face to guide an a th le tic d e p a rtm en t — the 46year-old White was a natural fit. In an interview with the Times-

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