Followership in Educational Organizations: A Pilot Mapping of the Territory

  title={Followership in Educational Organizations: A Pilot Mapping of the Territory},
  author={Angela M. Thody},
  journal={Leadership and Policy in Schools},
  pages={141 - 156}
  • Angela M. Thody
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Business
  • Leadership and Policy in Schools
A new lexicon of followership terms is suggested to develop this innovative area of research, helping to recognize that both our followership and leadership roles are important to organizational success. 

The Evolving Role of the Head of Department.

This paper examines three concepts relating to the role of heads of department (HoDs) in secondary schools: boundary management; the roles of subject leadership and departmental functioning as HoD

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If leadership is a relationship between a leader and follower (Rost, 1991), why are we, as higher education faculty and practitioners, so focused on only one half of the equation: the leader? When we

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Many within vocational education and training (VET) find themselves in both leading and following roles but research into Australian VET leadership is still in an emerging stage and as yet there

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Authentic leadership is emerging as an alternative perspective on leadership in different organisational settings including education (Bhindi & Duignan, 1997). The authors will draw upon the existent

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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion on the construction of followership identity among teachers in Kenya which has had less attention. Further, as Kenya is currently

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This thesis is an ethnographic study over an 8 year period of the leadership and management strategies involved in school improvement. The study takes place in a residential special school for pupils



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research in an unexplored area and for ascertaining appropriate techniques through which such research might be conducted. It might, for example, be acceptable to ask school staff if a researcher

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Myth systems and politics help to establish the internal context of organizational settings, and thus are quite important processes contributing to more meaningful interpretations of events and