Follow up study of workers exposed to man made mineral fibres.

  title={Follow up study of workers exposed to man made mineral fibres.},
  author={Janet M. Hughes and Robert N. Jones and Henry W. Glindmeyer and Yehia Y. Hammad and Hans Weill},
  journal={British journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={50 7},
A survey of workers in seven man made mineral fibre (MMMF) production plants, the subject of a previous report, was conducted, with other blue collar workers serving as regional comparisons. Based on the median reading of chest radiographs by five readers, a low prevalence of small opacities, all at the 1/0 and 1/1 profusion levels, was again found: for workers with MMMFs, 23/1435 (1.6%); for comparison workers, 2/305 (0.7%). Spirometric measurements indicated generally healthy populations, and… CONTINUE READING

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