Follow-up evaluation of thyroid function after thyroidectomy for thyrotoxicosis

  title={Follow-up evaluation of thyroid function after thyroidectomy for thyrotoxicosis},
  author={Tanekazu Harada and Katsutaro Shimaoka and Seizaburo Arita M.S. and Yuri Nakanishi},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
One hundred fifty-seven patients with hyperthyroidism treated by subtotal thyroidectomy 2–8 years previously were followed up with serum T3, T4, and TSH determinations. There was some difficulty in distinguishing the various groups of patients by thyroid function tests. However, it was determined that the percentages of patients with hyperthyroidism, euthyroidism, and hypothyroidism, based on T3 values, were 3.2%, 89.7%, and 7.1%, respectively, whereas 5.8%, 41.6%, and 53.1% were hyperthyroid… CONTINUE READING


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