Follow-up after periapical surgery: the value of the one-year control.

  title={Follow-up after periapical surgery: the value of the one-year control.},
  author={Askill H. Halse and O Molven and B Grung},
  journal={Endodontics & dental traumatology},
  volume={7 6},
A total of 474 teeth treated with periapical surgery were examined after one year. Complete healing was unequivocally demonstrated for 250 teeth. Two hundred and fourteen teeth were scheduled for further follow-up, and of these, 194 (91%) could be followed until a stable situation was recorded. Of 41 cases judged as completely healed after one year, but with initial observer disagreement, only 2 (5%) failed later. The 76 cases showing incomplete healing (scars) after one year with few… CONTINUE READING

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