Folliculo-sebaceous cystic hamartoma.

  title={Folliculo-sebaceous cystic hamartoma.},
  author={M El-Darouty and Salonas A Marzouk and Mona R. E. Abdel-Halim and Mahmoud H El-Komy and Heba M. Mashaly},
  journal={International journal of dermatology},
  volume={40 7},
Case 1 A 6-month-old boy presented to our clinic with a scalp lesion dating since birth (Fig. 1). The lesion was in the form of an erythematous, dome-shaped nodule, measuring around 1.5 cm in diameter and having a slightly irregular surface. The lesion was nonitchy, nontender, and showed limited mobility. Our clinical differential diagnosis included: meningocele, hemangioma, dermoid cyst, and apocrine nevus. A computed tomography (CT) scan was performed to exclude possible intracranial… CONTINUE READING