Follicular plasminogen activator: involvement in ovulation.

  title={Follicular plasminogen activator: involvement in ovulation.},
  author={Reuven Reich and Ruth C. Miskin and Alex Tsafriri},
  volume={116 2},
Production of plasminogen activator (PA) by granulosa cells (GC) and its stimulation by gonadotropins led to the suggestion that PA is involved in ovulation. However, whereas only LH may be regarded as the ovulation-inducing hormone in the rat, FSH was found to be much more potent than LH in enhancing PA production by GC. Assuming that the entire follicular wall, rather than isolated GC, is involved in follicular rupture, we have examined activity of PA in intact follicles. LH (NIH-LH-S23) was… CONTINUE READING


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