Follicles are found in the ovaries of adolescent girls with Turner's syndrome.

  title={Follicles are found in the ovaries of adolescent girls with Turner's syndrome.},
  author={Julius Gisli Hreinsson and Marjut Otala and Margareta Fridstr{\"o}m and Birgit Borgstr{\"o}m and Carsten Rasmussen and Monalill Lundqvist and Timo Tuuri and Niklas Simberg and Milla Mikkola and Leo Dunkel and Outi Hovatta},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={87 8},
Infertility caused by ovarian failure is a characteristic feature in Turner's syndrome. Spontaneous pregnancies are seen in 2-5% of these women, and up to 30% have at least some pubertal development, indicating the presence of follicles in their ovaries in adolescence. It has not been clear at which age the follicles disappear. We analyzed the numbers and densities of follicles in ovarian cortical tissue from nine adolescent girls with Turner's syndrome who came to our clinics after having been… CONTINUE READING


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