Follicle selection in monovular species.

  title={Follicle selection in monovular species.},
  author={O. J. Ginther and M D Anwarul Haque Beg and Don R. Bergfelt and F Xavier Donadeu and Kunal Kot},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={65 3},
Follicle deviation is proposed to be the eminent event in follicle selection in monovular species. At deviation, the largest follicle establishes dominance apparently before the second-largest follicle can reach a similar diameter. In cattle, based on diameters of the two follicles at the beginning of deviation, the mechanism becomes established in <8 h. An FSH:follicle-coupling hypothesis has been supported as the essence of follicle selection. According to the hypothesis, the growing… CONTINUE READING

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