Foliar epidermis and taxonomy in Apocynaceae

  title={Foliar epidermis and taxonomy in Apocynaceae},
  author={B. Kannabiran and V. Ramassamy},
  journal={Proceedings: Plant Sciences},
Mature epidermis and stomatal ontogeny were studied in the leaves of 10 species (9 genera) belonging to Apocynaceae. Abaxial intercostal cells ofWrightia tinctoria are straight-walled and those of adaxial side inWrightia tinctoria, Cascabela thevetia andCarissa spinarum are sinuous. Adaxial epidermis ofRauvolfia tetraphylla is papillose. Hairs are thin-walled inPlumeria rubra (unicellular) andCarissa spinarum (uniseriate) and thick-walled inRauvolfia tetraphylla, Catharanthus roseus (uni- and… Expand
Stomatal novelties in Vincetoxicum arnottianum (Asclepiadeae: Asclepiadoideae: Apocynaceae)
Stomatal multiplicity in the foliar epidermis is an intriguing feature found rarely in dicotyledonous plants and Vincetoxicum arnottianum is presented as an addition to the list of taxa possessing multiple stomata. Expand
Phytoliths in plants and soils of the interior Pacific Northwest, USA
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Microscopic Analysis Applied to the Quality Control of Hancornia speciosa Gomes
The anatomical and histochemical characterization of the leaves of H. speciosa was performed to identify the anatomical structures that provide the detailed diagnosis of the studied species and to increase knowledge about the Apocynaceae family. Expand


Epidermal Structure and Stomatal Ontogeny in Zornia Gmel
The present study lends support to an earlier contention that anomocytic (aperigenous) stomata may result from suppression of the divisions of the meristemoid of paracytic type. Expand
Epidermal and Venation Studies in Apocynaceae-IV
Epidermal characters and venation pattern of the leaves of eight species of Apocynaceae, viz. Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch, Allamanda violacea Gardn., Carissa grandiflora A.DC., Catharanthus pusillusExpand
Action de la colchicine sur le développement des stomates paracytiques
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