Folding pathways of hybrid-1 and hybrid-2 G-quadruplex structures.

  title={Folding pathways of hybrid-1 and hybrid-2 G-quadruplex structures.},
  author={Tomoko Mashimo and Yuta Sannohe and Hirotaka Yagi and Hiroshi Sugiyama},
  journal={Nucleic acids symposium series},
The G-rich sequence in the human telomeric DNA can form the G-quadruplex structure. The G-quadruplex structure has become an attractive target for the anticancer drugs, because it effectively inhibits telomerase activity. Recently, the human telomere G-quadruplex in K(+) solution has been determined as a hybrid structure. This structure is called hybrid-1. More recently, the hybrid-2 G-quadruplex has been determined by NMR. Hybrid-2 G-quadruplex differs from hybrid-1 in its loop arrangement and… CONTINUE READING

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