Fog Computing and Networking: Part 1

  title={Fog Computing and Networking: Part 1},
  author={Mung Chiang and Sangtae Ha and I Chih-Lin and Fulvio Risso and Tao Zhang},
  journal={IEEE Commun. Mag.},
The articles in this special section focus on fog computing and networking. Fog rises as cloud descends to be closer to the end users. Building on the foundation of past work in related areas and driven by emerging new applications and capabilities, fog computing and networking is now presenting unique opportunities to university researchers and the industry. These articles consists of overview articles that span much of this growing terrain of fog. 

Fog computing and security issues: A review

  • A. AljumahT. Ahanger
  • Computer Science
    2018 7th International Conference on Computers Communications and Control (ICCCC)
  • 2018
An overview of the present existing issues and challenges in fog computing is provided.

Security Challenges for Fog Computing Enabled Internet of Things from Authentication Perspective

This paper proposed a Fog based Internet of Things platform where computing and storing services deployed on the edge of network to provide excellent services to users and presented a security model for authentication between Intermediate storage and Data centre.

Conceptual Analytics on Integration of Network Technologies with Crowdsourcing Infrastructure

It was identified that edge computing has been the chief network technology used to transmit crowdsourced data with speed and efficiency and cloud platforms assist the transferred data to be stored with privacy and security.

6G Access and Edge Computing – ICDT Deep Convergence

Fog Computing: Issues, Challenges and Tools

Analysis on homomorphic technique for data security in fog computing

Homomorphic encryption is a cryptographic technique which allows performing computations on encrypted data without decryption so that the original message need not be disclosed to intermediates who are the only service provider and not a data user.

A Comprehensive Survey on Fog Computing: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges

A comprehensive survey on fog computing is presented, critically reviews the state of the art in the light of a concise set of evaluation criteria and covers both the architectures and the algorithms that make fog systems.


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