Focussed ion beam fabrication of large and complex nanopatterns

  title={Focussed ion beam fabrication of large and complex nanopatterns},
  author={Oliver Wilhelmi and Laurent Roussel and Pybe Faber and Steve Reyntjens and G. Daniel},
  journal={Journal of Experimental Nanoscience},
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The fabrication of nanopatterns with a focussed ion beam (FIB) has recently been expanded to more complex nanopatterns with large numbers of individual pattern elements and covering larger pattern areas. We present two examples of FIB-fabricated large and complex nanopatterns and describe the key aspects of the underlying process automation. The FIB-fabrication has been carried out on DualBeam™ instruments, which combine the FIB with a scanning electron microscope in one single instrument. We… 



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Focused ion beam iodine-enhanced etching of high aspect ratio holes in InP photonic crystals

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Junction of two groups of trenches of different depths. The difference in surface roughness between the Si wafer surface and the FIB patterned area is well visible


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