Focusing-to-defocusing crossover in nonlinear periodic structures.


We demonstrate experimentally a transition from nonlinear beam trapping to defocusing in a two-dimensional periodic photonic structures by varying the modulation depth of the lattice. The observed effect illustrates the fundamental crossover from discrete to cw transport mechanisms. At the threshold modulation, the output beam is highly sensitive to… (More)
DOI: 10.1364/OL.35.003213

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@article{Bennet2010FocusingtodefocusingCI, title={Focusing-to-defocusing crossover in nonlinear periodic structures.}, author={Francis H. Bennet and In{\'e}s A Amuli and Andrey A Sukhorukov and Wieslaw Z. Krolikowski and Dragomir N Neshev and Yuri S Kivshar}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2010}, volume={35 19}, pages={3213-5} }