Focus on: Af ghanistan

  title={Focus on: Af ghanistan},
  author={R. V{\"a}yrynen},
  journal={Journal of Peace Research},
  pages={102 - 93}
  • R. Väyrynen
  • Published 1 June 1980
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Peace Research

Group identification, uncertainty, and the duration of genocide and politicide

ABSTRACT Episodes of genocide and politicide show remarkable variation in how long they last. Some end within months; others continue for decades. Why do some persist while others end soon after they

Pro-government international military intervention during genocide and politicide

Abstract Why do states intervene militarily to support regimes that are committing genocide or politicide? Previous literature examines why states intervene to stop such atrocities, but overlooks why

Afghanistan: Retribalization of the War

forces and their domestic allies. But in the midst of the continuing conflict, attempts to limit the war were noticeable and appeared in some areas to take the shape of an emerging system of peace: