Focus-Plus-Context Techniques for Picoprojection-Based Interaction


In this paper, we report on novel zooming interface methods that deploy a small handheld projector. Using mobile projections to visualize object/environment related information on real objects introduces new aspects for zooming interfaces. Different approaches are investigated that focus on maintaining a level of context while exploring detail in information. Doing so, we propose methods that provide alternative contextual cues within a single projector, and deploy the potential of zoom lenses to support a multi-level zooming approach. Furthermore, we look into the correlation between pixel density, distance to target and projection size. Alongside these techniques, we report on multiple user studies in which we quantified the projection limitations and validated various interactive visualization approaches. Thereby, we focused on solving issues related to pixel density, brightness and contrast that affect the design of more effective, legible zooming interfaces for handheld projectors.

DOI: 10.1109/TMM.2017.2673410

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