Focalizing new-Fascism: Right politics and integralisms in contemporary Italy

  title={Focalizing new-Fascism: Right politics and integralisms in contemporary Italy},
  author={Luiza Bialasiewicz and Sabrina Stallone},
  journal={Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space},
  pages={423 - 442}
In this article, we examine the role of fringe new-Fascist movements within broader right-integralist politics in today’s Europe. Our focus lies with CasaPound, one of the most active movements in the Italian far-right galaxy, and highly visible in both the Italian as well as international mass media. We argue that while the strength of the movement itself should not be exaggerated, CasaPound has played a crucial role in the wider realm of integralist politics in Italy. Examining the movement’s… 
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