Focal prefrontal seizures induced by bilateral ECT.

  title={Focal prefrontal seizures induced by bilateral ECT.},
  author={Laura S Boylan and D. P. Devanand and Sarah H. Lisanby and M. Nobler and Joan Prudic and Harold A. Sackeim},
  journal={The journal of ECT},
  volume={17 3},
INTRODUCTION It has been proposed that the greater efficacy of bilateral (BL) over right unilateral (RUL) electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) at low stimulus intensity is due to differences in site of seizure initiation. We hypothesized that focal prefrontal seizures are more common with BL than RUL administration. METHOD Records were reviewed of the 1,007 ECT treatments of 84 consecutive patients randomized to RUL or BL electrode placement. RESULTS Eight events were identified in which there… CONTINUE READING