Focal ground-glass opacity detected by low-dose helical CT.

  title={Focal ground-glass opacity detected by low-dose helical CT.},
  author={Masao Nakata and Hideyuki Saeki and Ichiro Takata and Yoshihiko Segawa and Hiroshi Mogami and Koichi Mandai and Kenji Eguchi},
  volume={121 5},
OBJECTIVE Focal ground-glass opacity (GGO) has been detected increasingly by low-dose helical CT. Although focal GGO suggests in situ neoplastic lesion in the peripheral lung, it remains controversial how to manage these lesions. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pathologic and radiologic characteristics of focal GGO in order to develop a standard of treatment for these lesions. PATIENTS Forty-three patients with persistent focal GGO < or = 2 cm in size from January 1998 to… CONTINUE READING


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