Focal ectasia of the terminal bowel accompanying low anal deformities.

  title={Focal ectasia of the terminal bowel accompanying low anal deformities.},
  author={Raymond Cloutier and H Archambault and Claude D'Amours and L Levasseur and D Ouellet},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={22 8},
Three patients were treated at birth for low anal deformities and developed intractable constipation, not imputable to usual causes of rectal inertia. Barium enema, done the first time at ten days of age in one case, revealed focal ectasia of the terminal bowel, with a peculiar "balloon-like" aspect of the rectum. Optimal treatment includes resection of the terminal bowel down to the dentate line. Incidence of this anomaly in association with low anal deformities has been 5% in our series. 

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