Focal cerebral infarction in the newborn: a distinct entity.

  title={Focal cerebral infarction in the newborn: a distinct entity.},
  author={Pauline A. Filipek and Kalpahty S Krishnamoorthy and K. R. Davis and Klaus K{\"u}hnle},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={3 3},
Recent reports, which described early computed tomography findings of unsuspected cerebral arterial infarctions in term newborns who presented with seizures, prompted a review of our neonatal intensive care unit records. Seven newborns demonstrated arterial infarctions by computed tomography. Five of the 7 had focal motor seizures and 2 had generalized seizures. Electroencephalograms of 6 infants correlated with the area of infarct, mainly disclosing focal spike- and/or sharp-wave activity. All… CONTINUE READING


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